Contacted by researcher re Joseph Andrews (Feb. 12, 2014)

A professional history consultant contacted me about Joseph Andrews. It seems that a Joseph Andrews at age 42 was in Missouri as a Mormon. He was a member of the Navoo Legion. The missing link is between Georgia and Missouri. Cousin Rick Allen reminded me that the...

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Historical marker applied for (Sept. 2, 2013)

I submitted to Bob Brinkman at the Texas Historical Commission my application for a historical marker regarding those three survivors of the Georgia Battalion who have not already been acknowledged as  fighting at San Jacinto.  The text is posted in the Texas...

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Sarah Reveley sent links (Aug. 8, 2013)

Sarah had been advising me on the application to the Texas Historical Commission for a historical marker recognizing those survivors of the Georgia Battalion who went on to fight at San Jacinto.  She had also found links to sources with information about the 1857...

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Sandra Malecki contacted site (July 27, 2013)

Sandra Malecki, a resident of Fannin County, Ga., and a history enthusiast, contacted me through the website.  She is eager to see that the Georgia Battalion receives recognition in both Georgia and Texas.  She is particularly interested in having a commemorative...

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Miniature of James Peter Trezevant donated (June 24, 2013)

George B. Montgomery, another descendent of James Peter Trezevant and close cousin of mine, shipped to me the 1837 miniature of JPT in his Texas uniform (home page and biographical sketch), along with a 1902 album of Trezevant family photographs.  George had agreed to...

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The Georgia Battalion Project

Refugio, Goliad, and San Jacinto: The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution 1835-1836