Judith Austin Mills, noted writer of historical fiction books set in Texas, has completed her latest novel in a Texas Revolution trilogy, This Dove Shall Fly (Austin, TX: Plain View Press, 2018).  Her earlier books were How Far Tomorrow: Remembering the Georgia Battalion in Texas (2011) and Those Bones at Goliad; a Texas Revolution Novel (2015).  One of the main characters in This Dove Shall Fly is James Peter Trezevant.  Judith relied on this website for the historical background of the real-life J.P. Trezevant, and she portrays his experiences in the Texas Revolution quite accurately, including his involvement in the Battle of San Jacinto.  Judith’s books are available from Plain View Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.  I am deeply grateful to Judith for capturing so well the life of J.P. Trezevant and the realities of the Texas Revolution. R.W.T.

The Georgia Battalion Project

Refugio, Goliad, and San Jacinto: The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution 1835-1836