George Montgomery and I received word from curator Tony Lewis that the 1937 miniature of James Peter Trezevant will be displayed at the Louisiana State Museum.

We are moving through an update/reinstallation of the Cabildo, bit by bit, and find that we do have space and the interpretive framework to include the miniature of J.P. Trezevant in a section devoted to the aftermath of the Louisiana Purchase and westward expansion. The story is large, and space is limited, but the miniature should be displayed for quite some time – the exhibit is a “permanent” one, as opposed to a special exhibit of limited duration. This is our main exhibit encompassing the history of Louisiana from the time of first contact with native Americans through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

The Georgia Battalion Project

Refugio, Goliad, and San Jacinto: The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution 1835-1836