Redd Griffin (a historian) replied to the website announcement of Oct. 5:

Thanks for letting me know about your new website—and helping me better understand the origins of your name, which has always been unique enough to keep me curious.  I haven’t read through everything on your website yet, but my first impression (like a home’s positive curbside appeal) invites return visits.  Your research, text and graphics make it accessible, informative, crisp  and appealing.  Your Application for  Recognition documentation reads (to this outsider) as a  comprehensive, detailed, lucid and dramatic narrative with an articulate, passionate, compelling Closing Statement.

If you have to go beyond the individuals you’re currently trying to convince (which I hope you won’t), please let me know, I might be able to brainstorm a few ideas  off the top of my head and probably off the wall.

Congratulations,  May Success crown your hard-fought quest—and Truth prevail!

The Georgia Battalion Project

Refugio, Goliad, and San Jacinto: The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution 1835-1836