Sarah seems to be a real Texas history activist.  After looking at my website and exchanging emails with me, she initiated an hour-long phone conversation, beginning with, “I have an idea.”

Because of her work on the Centennial markers, Sarah knows about the history of the original Centennial Commission of 1936.  It had to deal with about 1,000 historic sites, monuments, and markers.  Only three people were involved in the selection process–Louis W. Kemp, J. Frank Dobie, and Rev. Paul J. Foik.  Their choices were advisory only, with final approval coming from the Commission itself.  The Commission disbanded in 1937.  In 1939 there was published the book Monuments Commemorating the Centennary of Texas Independence.  Sarah urged me to focus on specific sites and people involved with the Georgia Battalion in Texas so that appropriate new historical markers could be approved.

She also gave me contact information for other people who might be interested in the Georgia Battalion Project.  She will post the link to my site on the RootsWeb Centennial site and on the Facebook page of the re-enactors group.

I think that there is reason to hope that Joseph W. Andrews, M.K.. Moses, and James P. Trezevant, and other members of the Georgia Battalion, will finally receive the recognition they deserve.

The Georgia Battalion Project

Refugio, Goliad, and San Jacinto: The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution 1835-1836