The Dove Shall Fly, a historical novel featuring Georgia Battalion survivor James P. Trezevant, received a first place award at the Will Rogers Medallion Award ceremony in Fort Worth on October 26, 2019. The Will Rogers Medallion Award organization is an outgrowth of the Academy of Western Artists, which has been giving Will Rogers Awards since 1996. The Medallion Award, presented annually since 2008, recognizes outstanding Western literature in a number of categories (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and others). The quality of each entry is judged on both content and artistic presentation. Gratified for the win in the Inspirational Western Fiction category, author Judith Austin Mills identifies this Georgia Battalion website and its related Trezevant family articles for inspiring this, her third in a series of Texas Revolution historical novels. With historical accuracy so crucial, its first place win among four finalists testifies to the care Mills took to visualize the 1836 Texas Revolution and to portray James P. Trezevant’s efforts with the Georgian Battalion, his role in the decisive battle at San Jacinto, and his rise to brevet-major in the newly independent Republic of Texas. All of us who care about role of the Georgia Battalion in Texas history can be proud and grateful for the recognition that Mills so much deserves.

The Georgia Battalion Project

Refugio, Goliad, and San Jacinto: The Georgia Battalion in the Texas Revolution 1835-1836